This ELECTRIC VAN Is Fully SOLAR powered with 6000+ Watts of panels! // VANLIFE TOUR

This ELECTRIC VAN Is Fully SOLAR powered with 6000+ Watts of panels! // VANLIFE TOUR

This Electric van is powered fully by the array of solar panels that it has on it’s roof, with a custom build mechanism the solar panels are able to slide out, and tilt to get the most sun exposure possible. With a two battery banks equaling 120 KWH’s of energy they are able to power the vans motor, plus do things in van life that most other vans are not capable of, including using a two burner induction stove, and having an on demand hot water system. Joel and Keegan the duo behind Route Del Sol are currently doing a trip with this renewable energy powered tiny home from Alaska to Argentina, They have already gone more than 4000 km powered fully on renewable energy, when I met up with them in Vancouver. Their goal for this trip is to be able to push the boundaries of renewable and sustainable technology, and help to make this more sustainable way of transportation more popular, they also plan on making a documentary about their trip, as well as an online film series. They also hope to be able to make contacts all around the world with people who have ideas and are wanting to help, and connecting them with people who need help transitioning into more sustainable lifestyles.


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